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Aug 6, 2012 10:27 AM

Bakery rec in Bensonhurst for good old fashioned birthday cake

I'm in Park Slope and will be making a run into Bensonhurst on the morning of my daughter's birthday for some food supplies. It occurred to me that I can probably find a bakery in the neighborhood that does a good, fresh birthday cake for much cheaper there versus my neighborhood. Nothing fancy, just a pretty, tasty birthday cake. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. re: Sluggo1407

      Thanks, Sluggo. We got to Villabate for their bread sometimes, so I am familiar with them. I thought their baked goods seemed a bit too over the top (just visually, I've never eaten any of it.) So they do a good, straightforward cake, too?

      1. re: vvv03

        They are very accommodating. Just tell them what you want. They'll make it.

    2. Audrey's Concerto (2379 86th Street 1 (718) 266-2829) opened and we just had one of their pastries. Well made and not too sweet.

      1. I dont see american style cakes as an Italian strength. the frostings in particular look suspect and I imagine butter is not present in any form. I hate to say it but based on cakes that I have been served by others, Cousin Johns in Park Slope is not bad for simple cakes. I think they will even do a whipped cream topping with fruit if you dont want to OD on sugar.