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Aug 6, 2012 10:08 AM

Waterside Dining in Portland Metro

What's your favorite waterside restaurants with outside seating in the Portlad Metro area, and why?

Almost as important: Which ones would you avoid in the future, and why?

Answers to either would be most welcome! We're most interested in places to the east or the south, but we'd be interested to hear about any place that is worth knowing about. Any hints (such as having to arrive in some particular time frame to actually score an outside table) would be most welcome.


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  1. Aquariva is nice in the summer, especially for cocktails and snacks. It's on a quiet bend of the river. Maybe a little odd to recommend on Chowhound as I wouldn't call the food particularly 'chowish'. For me, more of the type of place to take someone from out of town, a client or vendor who maybe isn't as into food as I am but will appreciate decent food and drink in a lovely setting. At least that's the purpose it served for me when I was living in John's Landing.

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      So more atmosphere than great food....still, sometimes you can manage without anything that spectacular, if only you can find that nice place to eat it. Do they do what they do middling well? No gross offenses committed against the food, no ingredients that are past their natural lifespan? Service that is not much worse than slow....agreeable, if not overly competent? (You can see there are days on which I feel a lovely body of water will fill me with mercy and the milk of human kindness!)

      1. re: Brrrb

        More atmosphere than great food. Much better than middling. Maybe I came off too harsh. I'd put them on a par with McCormick or Ruth's. That sort of food and value.