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Aug 6, 2012 09:58 AM

Commonwealth or Commis?

Would like to go to one of these restos for my birthday this year. While I am an Oaktown gal and like to support my city, the menu at Commonwealth looks a bit more appealing and the tasting with wines is a bit less expensive ($100 vs. $120 at Commis). Would love feedback comparing the two experiences.

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  1. Totally different experiences, and either should be excellent. Also, "today's menu" might have no rational relationship to the menus when you eat. I've been to both twice. Commis - did the wine paring once, and probably won't ever do it again. Commonwealth - did the tasting menu w/wine paring once and it was great. Ordered a la carte the second time with our own wine, and it was also great. Commonwealth is a much more causal experience, and you're much more likely to "make friends" with the next table. No service flaws at either on either visit. The plus with Commonwealth is that if the tasting menu isn't your cup of tea that night, you can order a la carte.

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      I'm curious as to why you wouldn't do the wine pairing again at Commis. What about it was unimpressive?

    2. Agree that both are really can't go wrong. I wouldn't say they are *completely* different. Both seem like upscale food in relatively casual environments with a bit of Asian influence and some touches of molecular gastronomy.

      I've had dishes that blew my mind at both, though perhaps I would give the edge to Commis in terms of consistency. Agree that Commonwealth is the more casual of the two, though neither one is a white tablecloth experience.

        1. Commonwealth - hands down! Hope you went! I went last month on a weekend to San Fran. I was very impressed and loved it and hope that it flourishes!!

          1. Having gone to both, I believe Commis offers a far more consistent experience. Commonwealth was more experimental but a lot of the dishes(with the exception of the "pumpkin" dish-which was incredible) just didn't appeal to me. I thought that the flavor combinations at Commis were exceptional.

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