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Aug 6, 2012 09:48 AM

Lunch and shopping between Northern NH and NYC (near i-91)

-ive posted this request on the southern NE board as well, but for options in VT and NH i'll be looking here-

We're headed up from NYC to a wedding in northern NH but will be making the drive in two stretches. We're looking for restaurants/stands/markets to stop at on the drive north, which we will be doing during the day on a weekday. Returning on a sunday and interested in options to break up the longer drive home, also.

We'll be in no rush but we'd like to keep things relatively near the highway (worthwhile diversions will be considered).

No strong preferences, food-wise - anything good accepted (we can get almost anything in NY but regional specialties and small local spots are ideal). One of us doesnt do shellfish, so while recommendations for best fried clams and lobster rolls are appreciated, it would be perfect if there was a fin-fish or terrestrial option also.

Scanning the boards and other spots yeilded a suggestion of the Salvadoran burrito from Bueno Y Sano in amherst, or Fat Frank's in bellows falls VT, which both sound like solid possibilities.

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  1. How far north are you going? King Arthur Flour store in Norwich VT is close to I91.
    Fresh peaches are in season so you should find those at some farm stands and orchards. One of the Vermont Country Stores is usually worth a detour for the variety of condiments, pickles, etc. Check open hours. I don't think the original store in the old house is open on Sundays. They also have a ton of gadgets and interesting things.
    The Coop Food store in Lebanon is a few miles of I89 which is fairly close to I91. It has a nice variety of things like local cheeses.

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      We're spending the weekend in littleton/bethlehem. I'd be amenable to suggestions on 93 as well as we're not bound to one route over another (though we may stop to see a friend in hanover)

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        There's a tiny drive-in type restaurant in Northfield NH exit 19 called the Dipsy Doodle. We get our local lobster rolls there. Very good onion rings, clams and sweet potato fries. Going south, you will have to take exit 20 then south on Rt 3 into downtown Tilton. Good for directions. They have a pretty good menu for a small place. Their menu takes a ridiculous amount of time to load but it's on their website.

        Richardson's Farm Stand, exit 17 I93 about 5-10 minutes off the hwy has wonderful homemade pies and great ice cream. Also local peaches. My favorite is strawberry rhubarb but my husband prefers blueberry this time of year. Apple pies are wonderful. Can't quite figure out why Sue's apple pies are so much better. Husband thinks sometimes she uses a variety of apples. Perfect crusts. She also makes table talk size pies. By sunday afternoon she might be sold out. Might be good to call ahead.
        Here is a link to farm stands. Also at exit 17 in the other direction is Apple Hill Farm. I have bought products from Two Sisters Garlic during an open house but not from their farmstand. See info on link; In addition to garlic jellies, they make a nice garlic/salt/pepper seasoning blend.

        You might consider lunch in Manchester NH. Check chowhound posts. Head to Rt 101 west and it's a pleasant drive thru southwestern NH back to I91.