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Aug 6, 2012 09:46 AM

Roadsite eats between Guilford, CT and Littleton, NH ( looking for lunch along I-91)

-ive posted this request on the northern NE board as well, but for options in Conn and Mass i'll be looking here-

We're headed up from NYC to a wedding in northern NH but will be making the drive in two stretches. We're looking for restaurants/stands/markets to stop at on the drive north, which we will be doing during the day on a weekday. Returning on a sunday and interested in options to break up the longer drive home, also.

We'll be in no rush but we'd like to keep things relatively near the highway (worthwhile diversions will be considered).

No strong preferences, food-wise - anything good accepted (we can get almost anything in NY but regional specialties and small local spots are ideal). One of us doesnt do shellfish, so while recommendations for best fried clams and lobster rolls are appreciated, it would be perfect if there was a fin-fish or terrestrial option also.

Scanning the boards and other spots yeilded a suggestion of the Salvadoran burrito from Bueno Y Sano in amherst, or Fat Frank's in bellows falls VT, which both sound like solid possibilities.

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  1. You should definitely stop in Northampton MA. It's right off 91 and there's a ton of restaurants. I'd recommend Paul and Elizabeth's for the best vegetarian (and fish if you did want it). Super organic/local/whathaveyou. If that doesn't sound good the whole town is full of gems.

    There's also some decent places in White River Junction... though for the life of me I can't name any of them. Maybe someone else can pipe in.

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      A year or so back I had a nice lunch in Paul&Elizabeths in Northampton. They have fish, tempura and vegetarian offerings as well as usual salads, sandwiches, etc. for lunch. Look them up on the web. They are in an arcade and their sign on Main St. is a little hard to see. A municipal parking lot is available one block to the south if you can't find a street spot.

    2. Vermont Country Deli in Brattleboro VT is our go-to stop when traveling to NH.... very convenient, right off exit 2 of 91..... maple pulled pork, amazing mac n cheese, awesome made-to-order sandwiches, and you have to get a giant chocolate chip die for!

      1. When we are on our way toski at Jay Peak in northern VT, our usual stop is the Canoe Club in Hanover, NH, which is just about a mile east of 91. Is on the main drag just south of the Dartmouth campus.