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Aug 6, 2012 08:36 AM

Anything New in the Leelanau Area? [Peninsula/Traverse City]

My boyfriend and I vacation in the Traverse City/Leelanau Peninsula area every summer. We haven't been there in a year. We have our favorite spots (A Cook's House, Black Star Farms, La Becasse, Stella's and Art's Tavern) but were wondering if anything new and tasty has opened up over the past year? We are pretty much open to any type of cuisine and are willing to go anywhere on the Peninsula or in Traverse City.


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  1. Have you been to Mission Table/Jolly Pumpkin on the Mission Peninsula? It's not new, but seems like it would fit into your favorites list.

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      Yes we've eaten there before and it's good. My boyfriend lives in Ann Arbor and we go to the Jolly Pumpkin there a lot so we usually avoid it Up North.

    2. Haven't been yet, but there is a new Italian place in Lake Leelanau (the narrows) on the hill above Dick's Pour House. The setting is great, the wine list all Tuscan and the menu looked on the expensive side. Will try it soon.

      La Becasse is the favorite in the area, especially when the weather permits dining on the porch. Cook's is excellent also. Stella has been very disappointing on the last two visits.

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        The name had escaped me when I first posted. It is called Bella Fortuna North, apparently unrelated to another place with the just the name Bella Fortuna. Both Becasse and Cook's are somewhat lacking in atmosphere while BFN excels. If the food is up to snuff it will be a real winner.

        P.S. If you go or if anyone else has been yet, please report. TIA

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          For reference, here's their website:

          The paparadelle with boar ragu sounds awesome.


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          Oh that sounds right up our alley! Please let me know if you try Bella Fortuna.

        3. I heard the folks that own Le Becasse just opened a new french bistro in Traverse City. I think it's called Bistro Foufou. We loved Le Becasse so we are hoping this is equally as good. Here's an article:

          Has anyone tried it?

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            1. re: jock

              Please make sure to report back. Their website doesn't have a menu or anything.

          1. Just posted a long report on BFN in a separate thread. Bottom line - wait until next year to before giving it a try.

            Foufou tonight. Will report.

            1. Foufou report posted in a new thread. Do not miss Foufou - it ROCKS!