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Aug 6, 2012 08:31 AM

CatHead's BBQ (SF)?

It's been there for a while, in the space Big Nate's vacated. I can only find a bare mention about it here. Last Thursday's SFGate has a short favorable article about it ( ). Anyone been there?

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  1. Haven't been.. but had delivery..which I remember absolutely HATING!

    1. I bought some brisket to take home several months ago. I was not very impressed. I would be willing to give them another chance, but I am in no hurry to do so.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Ate there recently and best bbq I've had in Bay Area in long time. Impressed with brisket and sides especially.

          1. love this place, really reasonable prices and decent BBQ where they don't pre-smother it in sauce. the brisket is probably more fatty than most SF places, the collard greens aren't made with fat back and vegetarian but still not bad. The ribs are decent and the pulled pork is good. The mains are only 7 dollars. Two mains with two sides are 18. The brisket has a nice bark on it. They aren't completely traditional with spicy takes on the slaw and a pimento mac and cheese that could have used more pimento cheese.

            One of the bad things is they close at 8pm.