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Aug 6, 2012 08:20 AM

Introducing myself

Hope it's OK for me to post an introduction thread. My name's Matt, and I found this place via Google search. I've been lurking for a little while and decided to join. I like that it appears that the discussions are civil for the most part, and people are able to look at things from both the perspective of the customer and server. I've posted in a couple of threads already and look forward to posting in more.

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    1. Great to have you here, Matt! I'm a long time reader, and occasional poster. You'll enjoy the very opinionated discourse here. It's always fun and interesting!!

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      1. re: Heidi cooks and bakes

        Thanks for the welcome from both of you! I'm enjoying it so far. :-)

        1. re: ShinkickMurphy

          It's neither typical nor necessary for newbies to introduce themselves, but welcome anyway!
          This site is not immune from people who post to shill for themselves or others, as part of vendettas, or for other less-than-pure motives. For that reason, SOME newbie posts are viewed with suspicion. You are less likely to encounter that if you start by asking questions, or adding to extant threads, than if your first venture into the pool is initiating a restaurant rave or rant thread.

          1. re: ShinkickMurphy

            Before I post, I also tend to ask myself: Do I really have something of value to add to this thread?

            I find a lot of posts - esp those on Not About Food and General Topics - add little to the discussion and understanding of great chow and are just people venting/complaining/looking for some sort of validation or attention.

            Have fun!

        2. Ok first of all Welcome!! Second of all you are 100% correct about it being a very civil place to post and contribute and exchange thoughts, opinions and ideas. I credit that to the Mod's who do an excellent (although sometimes in my opinion a bit over zealous at times) job of curtailing posts viewed as rants or insults etc.

          Third of all.....let's try to keep the shin kicks to a minimum around here please!!

          1. Hi, and a belated welcome! The BEST place to introduce yourself is on your profile page. When people click on your name at the end of one of your posts, it will take them to our profile page and they can find out all sorts of interesting things about you. But it ONLY works when people fill out their profile pages. Fewer and fewer new people do that these days. Why is that???? '-)