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Aug 6, 2012 08:14 AM

Tsukiji Market and Sushi Restaurant with Infant?

I'm visiting Tokyo on a one-day trip on a Thursday with my wife and infant. We love fresh sushi and would like to go to Tsukiji early in the morning. However, we have a 7 month infant with us. Are there any recommended sushi restaurants that would be accommodating for an infant, or perhaps places we can get some good sushi rice bowls to go?

I'd really like to see the tuna auction too, but it sounds like it'd be too crazy to try it with a baby strapped to my front.


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  1. I don't think either the auction or the inner market would be appropriate. And I'm not even sure they would let you into either with a small child. There are plenty of sushi restaurants in the city. I suggest a chain restaurant during in-between lunch/dinner hours. But at Tsukiji, I guess you could also have one of you wait in the outer market area with your infant while the other tours around.

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      According to, the inner market does not allow small children:

      I've visited the tuna auction and walked around the inner market, and I would agree with Silverjay that neither are appropriate for an infant. It is a bustling work environment, and even the auction itself is quite raucous, with multitudes of bells clanging and auctioneers shouting. After the auction, you still have to walk through part of the inner market to exit the area, and those hand truck operators drive down the narrow lanes extremely quickly!

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        Thanks for the helpful reply! Do you have a recommendation for some good sushi / ramen restaurants that would be ok with infants but also be good?

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          I would explore chain restaurants with non-smoking table seating and look to eat there in the late afternoon or early in the lunch or dinner service. You can also look into other types of restaurants that have small private rooms.

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            Sushi Zanmai is a 24-hour sushi chain with multiple locations throughout Tokyo, including a few in the outer market area. Past CH posts, particularly for people on one-day trips to Tokyo, have recommended it as a good value. There are also tables in addition to counter seating, which may be more convenient when with a small child.


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              Thanks a lot. Do either of you know whether Maisen, the tonkatsu restaurant, is baby friendly?

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                I remember seeing quite a few families with young children, although I don't remember seeing any with infants.

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                  Maisen is family-friendly, you should be OK there.