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Aug 6, 2012 08:02 AM

blacksalt - any must order dishes?

We've wanted to try blacksalt for ages but it's off our beaten path (we're public transport people). My SO birthday tonight so we're taking a cab out there.

Anything we must order? (Including anything special off the wine list?)

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  1. I love their fried clamstrip appetizer, have fun!

    1. It was a really nice dinner. We are from NYC and after a few years still have trouble finding places we really like here ... this one is a keeper.

      1. The bouillabaise is pretty good. Daily fish board is the way to go.

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          Ditto. whatever the market whole fish is, that's what I would get.

        2. The Key Lime Pie is my favorite DC dessert.. There's a lot going on, and every bite gives you a different combination of tastes and textures.

          1. "...but it's off our beaten path (we're public transport people)..."

            That's true if by "public transport" you mean only Metro. The D6 bus goes directly from Dupont Circle to the door of BlackSalt. D6 also has stops at Union Station, Metro Center, and Farragut North.

            I know you won't be taking the bus for your SO's bday, but this info might be helpful for future trips.