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Aug 6, 2012 07:51 AM

Northern burbs

Looking for places from Blaine to Elk river. Just moved to Ramsey and looking for places that are independent and good. Tried the Old Main Eatery in ER and it was great. thanks.

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  1. Alright...not a lot to choose from, unfortunately, but I would offer the following:

    1) Q Fanatic (Champlin) - Definite mixed thoughts on this board and I will openly admit that I've had a few below average meals there. But when they're on, the BBQ is excellent.

    2) Bronco's (Anoka) - Very good sandwich shop, in my experience.

    3) I've always like Carol's in Blaine, for the Mom's kitchen, meat and potatoes feel.

    I've also heard good things about Buona Sera (Osseo) and Nectar Bistro (Champlin), but haven't been to either.

    Good luck, and if you have any noteworthy recommendations, please share!

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    1. re: BigE

      Small correction - you got Buona Sera and Nectar's locations backwards. Nectar is in Osseo. Buona is in Champlin.

      I've not eaten at Nectar (but have heard good things), but have at Buona Sera. It's pretty good, but Nona Rosa's in Robbinsdale is only about 15 minutes away, is similarly priced, and better.

      And speaking of R-dale, right next door to Nona's is Travail, which is one of the best joints in the metro area.

    2. I'll three more to the list.

      1) Pompeii Pizza in DT Elk Rriver (Punch-like pizza and better than Punch IMO).

      2) T-Box on Hwy. 65 in Ham Lake. This one and Brick's in Blaine are both owned by the Tournament Liquor guys.

      3) New Mandarin Restaurant on Coon Rapids Blvd. Not for the Chinese; get the Vietnamese menu. Only pho and bun in CR.

      1. I would also suggest Truffles and Torte's in Anoka. It's just a soup and sammy place but it's owned by a pastry chef and the desserts are something you would expect to find in a high end bakery in the more economically well off areas of the Twin Cities or any other major city. I've also heard the ice cream place in Anoka is really good too. Syrum's (Anoka) has really good wings.

        La Herradura in Blaine/Fridley (right on the border) by Northtown Mall is the best Mexican in the area if you ask me. Plus they have some of the best margaritas I've ever had. If you have a SO get the fajitas especial. They come with chorizo, shrimp, chicken and steak and you can easily feed two people twice with it and the leftovers. The leftovers are especially tasty in eggs or a breakfast burrito.

        Pink Flower on 65 has some great Vietnamese food too.

        The Well near Northtown is a dive but they have great wings and pretty good burgers. Wednesday is 50 cent wing day. They give you the full wing too not just the drumstick part.

        I've heard good things about the Indian place on 65 by old hwy 10 but my experience wasn't great. I'll chop it up to bad timing. It's vegetarian though so be warned.

        Kings korean on central is pretty tasty and authentic. Only been once but my food was fab.

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        1. re: thdiz1396

          I tried Herradura last night based on this and Yelp reviews. I'm sorry to report I wasn't impressed. While the service was good and very friendly, it was pretty obvious the fryer oil needed to be changed, because the tortilla chips and the taquitos had that nasty old-oil bitter taste (unfortunately, this detracted heavily from the guac and the cheese dip, which is too bad, because both were good). The rest of the food was on the mediocre side - not bad, but nothing great either. Somewhat bland.

          And the floor was very sticky from the entrance all the way back to the booth. It's in desperate need of a mop.

          I'd give them another try, but old fryer oil is on my list of "not going back" offenses - that's not a cook having a bad night, that's management cheaping out and going too long between oil changes.

          Better meals for similar (cheaper, usually) prices can be had at El Rodeo in Maple Grove - though there are much better places than that if you venture out of the north 'burbs.