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Aug 6, 2012 07:50 AM

Uptown Art Fair Food Booths

With all the great food trucks in town, why is the Art Fair still stuck in the deep-fried past?

And where was the Health Dept.? Some of those deep-fried booths were committing numerous health code violations. I don't know which was worse: Observing the cheese curd gal using the same bowl for hours to batter the curds (with flies hovering) or the gal who tried to sell me a corn dog, after she carried it around the booth while talking to other people and then gave me change back for a 20 with the bills flapping against the corn dog.

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  1. I agree about the selection. I ate at Barbette.

    In contrast, the Powderhorn Art Fair had La Loma Tamales, Big River Pizza and Asase Yaa among others.

    1. I did find one little gem hiding in the corner behind the fried cheese curds, etc. It was called Momo Mama (or at least something similar to this). I got turkey momos topped with chutney (the only kind they had). They were quite good with nice ginger flavor, fresh cilantro, etc. Apparently they are a brand new stand - this was their first event.

      1. Pretty much what I'd expect from a stall peddling Cheese Curds and Corn Dogs. Not exactly white linen service.