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Aug 6, 2012 07:47 AM

Persian/Iranian food, Washington DC

Travelling from SF to Washington for a wedding next month and have been asked to find a Persian restaurant for dinner on a Friday evening. Any recommendations? Preferrably in the District but okay to travel as well.


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  1. The best place is Rose Kabob Restaurant in Vienna, Virginia. All the food here is very good; it's not just a kabob place. There's nothing in DC.

    You should call in advance to order the tahdig. Get the gheymeh with eggplant for sure. Also the garlic torshi. Sometimes they offer special cherry drinks, so you might want to ask about that in advance.

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      Agreed. Also, the chicken kabob is amazing. I am NOT generally a fan of white meat chicken; it's usually bland and dry. However, Rose Kabob does something magical with just a simple chicken kabob. Vienna is a bit of a hike, but Rose Kabob is pretty damn tasty.

    2. If you don't want to travel out to Vienna, the Moby Dick chain throughout dc, va, and md has pretty creditable kabobs and lunch specials. The bread is fresh from the oven and you can ask for tahdig. They also have homemade doog yogurt drink (as for that too)

      1. Yekta Kabab in Rockville is pretty good.

        1. Sadaf Halal in Rockville is good. Mostly kebabs (excellent), but they have other stuff too. Very nice proprietor; there are often other Iranian customers in the place when we go.

          1. Shamshimary - Best persian rice.