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Aug 6, 2012 07:32 AM


Is there anyone out their in Chowland who can tell me where I can get, either German or Belgian (not Stella) beer on tap ??........I have been to many many restaurants and bars, and no one wants to have those two countries on tap !!.....The Office chain boasts of many beers on tap (over 20), but none of the two countries I"m would think that the two greatest countries as beer producers for centuries would have more visibilty.....sadly,

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  1. I haven't been there ina while but Zepplin Hall in Jersey had plenty of them.

    If your in the city, thats all they serve at The Bier Haus.

    What about Helmers in Hoboken?

    The Cloverleaf in Caldwell has a few.

    1. I have heard of Zeppelin Hall but never had the chance to try it.

      Also, was told of another place that claims a lot of brew taps, The Shepherd & The Knucklehead in Haledon, NJ. Again, never been there but supposedly has a lot of taps.

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        Skip Zeppelin hall and go to the Pilsener Haus in Hoboken.

      2. I went to Pilsener Haus & Biergarten in Hoboken two weeks ago. Lots of German beers on tap and good food (better than Zeppelin Hall). The pretzel is awesome.

        1. where are you located?

          The twin lights taphouse in Highlands has a very impressive list of beers that constantly changes. Mark has probably forgotten more about beer than I know. He is an interesting guy to talk to. If you have the opportunity, I would try to get there one night and you will be impressed with the selection. When I say impressive, he has hard to get stuff and limited edition stuff, as well as a lot of standard issue brews.

          what style belgians do you like? I am a big fan of belgian and belgian style beer too!

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            Corvette, the selection on tap at Twin Lights is impressive, but I do believe that most, if not all are local. Perhaps they are in the style that the OP is requesting, but not imports. I haven't been to Maloney's in Matawan lately, but they have a vast selection of taps.
            With that being said, Twin Lights Tap House has great food to go along with the beer, and I think you've helped me decide what's for dinner tonight.

            1. re: Herm

              after reading this over, I now realize he said ON TAP. You are right, most beers on tap are not Belgians. They do have lots of bottles too. The taps do indeed run a lot of east coast brews which is fine by me.

              They do have ommegang brews on tap there. I have had some.

              1. re: corvette johnny

                Belgians, especially triples and quads, do so much better being bottled condition. Monks in Philadelphia was the first to have Chimay Blue on tap in North America, and frankly I still prefer the bottled version.

                I would urge the OP to consider a trip down to Philadelphia or Baltimore. Huge fan of Monks, Belgian Cafe, Bridgits, Eulogy among others that have a great belgian selection. In baltimore the Brewers Art is brilliant in both what it brews and its guest beer selection.

                Both cities have wonderful Belgian selections. If you are in Central Jersey (Near Princeton or Trenton) travel across the Scudder Falls Bridge down to Newtown where you will find both an impressive belgian draught and bottle selection.

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                  What's the name of the bar in Newtown that you're refering to?

          2. How a bout a real biergarten? The Deutscher Club in Clark NJ has public biergarten nights and a good Oktoberfest as well. Always three or four beers on tap.