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Aug 6, 2012 06:10 AM

girls night out byob

looking for a fun, and delicious byob for a friday night in philly. open to anything in the center city vicinity with a 20-40 pp pricetag. any suggestions?

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  1. A comment on your price range. It is going to be difficult to get in the 20 dollar price range, unless you go to Chinatown. If you are closer to the 40+ price range, you have more options.

    Lolita on 13th street is a good option. BYO tequila mixer.. they have marguarita mixer there for you. Prices may be a bit high given your price range.

    Russet is a really nice place on 15th street. Much quieter atmosphere. Pumpkin on south street would be a similar type of place. Price is definitely going to be on the upper end for each of those restaurants.

    Italian places like Branzino might be another option. Lower priced than the two I referenced above. Will work if you have an app and a primi may not work if you want an app primi and entree.

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      I've actually been to lolita and was at russet recently - liked both but looking for something new. lolita was a nice suggestion - I'd actually like to find something with a similar vibe but different cuisine.

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        Second Pumpkin. Really good food. Yes, it would be closer to your $40 limit but worth it.

      2. Try Poppolino's at 5th & Fairmount for great Italian
        Agree that Branzino is also a fine option.

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          does poppolinos have a tasting menu? and if so, would you happen to know the cost per person?

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            I don't recall if Poplino's had a tasting menu -- sorry. And yes, it is far from City Hall.

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              When they opened they originally had a tasting menu for 40 dollars. I do not know if it is currently offered. It is not on the website. I would call the restaurant if that is of interest to you.

        2. Kanella is my favorite BYO in CC (one of the best in the entire city) and easily meets your price point, I'd go there. Russet is OK but overpriced in my opinion, and the food is not as interesting as Kanella.

          I haven't been to Popolino but it's pretty far from City Hall.

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            +1 for Kanella. My only experience is food is a bit on the salty side there. And I agree about Russet in terms of price.

          2. Not quite Center City but Ulivo or Hosteria Da Elio would work and are affordable.

            1. It's on the higher end, but I recently had a dinner with some girlfriends at Cochon. (And technically out of CC). If you stick with 2 courses at Farm & Fisherman, I think you can keep the cost down there as well.