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Aug 6, 2012 06:00 AM


Even beats NYC for restaurant density. Providence #8,

"Trulia Reveals Top Cities for Eating and Drinking"

Headline a bit misleading since it's quantity not quality that's being counted.

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  1. "Headline a bit misleading since it's quantity not quality that's being counted." HA HA, so true! I thought the exact same as I read your post, nevermind the faux, 'scuse me, Fox headline. ;) See, this is why I hate statistics. What an odd article!

    1. This article is bogus from the very start. Their premise is "Top Cities for Eating Out" but, they include Fairfield County & Long Island, neither of which are cities. Typical "dumbed down" article.

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      1. re: makko

        Hi!... If you read that article, it was printed in 2010!!! ( WAKE UP!!! ) . There are many other towns with better "eating "establishments.. Have a nice day!!!!

        1. re: temilove

          Not correct.
          This article was printed 3Aug 2012 using 2010 data.

          1. re: makko

            You're right, makko. Perhaps, temilove is the one who needs to "( WAKE UP!!! )". ;P

            I agree with you, btw, this article is flawed from the get-go. "Hmm, destination dining--San Francisco or...Fairfield County? Oh, what to choose? What to choose?" ;) I guess it was supposed to serve as comic relief for those who know better.

            1. re: kattyeyes

              phew. so glad to see this chain! CTBites sent a tweet linking to the article and saying "we agree!" and i pretty much gasped. the words "fairfield county", "top" and "eating" don't belong in the same sentence together. EVER.

      2. We beat boston, that's a plus, eh comrades? Other than that, this article holds no weight whatsoever.

        1. Agree that it's a worthless article, and it's not even correct given it's own stupid criteria. Barnstable County (Cape Cod essentially) has 95,000 households being served by 1100 restaurants. That's 116 per 10,000 households or roughly 4x that of Fairfield County and 3x that of San Francisco. Not even close. (.....not to say I wouldn't rather eat in SF)