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Aug 6, 2012 05:55 AM

Charlottesville - Bachelorette Party


I am looking for some help in planning a bachelorette party in Charlottesville. Right now, I have reservations at Zocalo and Ten Sushi - which would be better for a group of about 10 women in their mid-30's???

Any not-to-miss vineyards, hikes or other sites in the area???

Thanks for any suggestions on all fronts!

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  1. Both Zocalo and Ten have great food and cocktails. I think Zocalo is a little more upbeat and fun since their patio is nicer and they have a real bar scene. Highly recommend heading west of town for vineyards. Out towards Crozet/Afton, you'll find King Family, Pollack, Cardinal Point and Veritas vineyards. There's also Blue Mountain Brewery where you could stop for some great local food and a break from wine. If you don't want to drive, look up Private Coach. They have luxury SUVs that can take a group and are much cleaner than the popular-with- sorority-girls Wahooptie. There are lots of things happening this time of year. When will you be here?

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      A little bit further down rt.151 you'll also find the Wild Wolf and Devil's Backbone brewpubs. The food at Wild Wolf is excellent, and their deep-fried oreos w/ ice cream are to die for! Devil's Backbone probably has the best beer of all of them; only problem is that it can get a little busy on weekends.

    2. A couple of the wineries up near Barboursville are worth checking out. Barboursville Vineyards is very good with a large tasting selection and tours of the historic ruins on site. Horton is little more laid-back, but also has a ton of wines to try.

      OTOH for sheer number of places to go, you can't beat Afton. Multiple wineries and brew-pubs, and at least one cidery to try. For wine we're partial to Pollak and Afton Mountain Vineyards.

      Close to town, our favorite is Jefferson Vineyards. Really nice Petit Verdot, among other things.