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Aug 6, 2012 05:42 AM

Pit Roast Turkey in Clay-Advice Please

The last couple of years my FIL has had a pit roast for his birthday.
Last year lamb, year before suckling pig.
This year he is planning cooking a turkey in a clay pot in the pit.
He's planning on cooking it for 12 hours and the turkey will be 15-20lbs.
Does anyone know the amount of clay needed and how thick the clay should be that encloses the turkey?



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  1. Wow,This could have been posted on my behalf,I had the lamb last year and the suckling pig 2 year's ago,This year it's turkey cooked in clay on the 11 th of August.I live in London and have sourced clay in tottenham,I also plan to cook the turkey in the pit for at least 12 hours
    ( overnight ).There doesent seem to be much info on the web about cooking with clay in a firepit and the only one that I have found which was using locally dug clay suggests a half inch.

    1. I located a blog post which used 8 lbs of clay for a 4 lb. chicken for a 1/4" thick wrap. So 2 lbs clay/lb. of bird might be a point to start from.