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Aug 6, 2012 05:19 AM

How crowded is Mission Chinese at lunch?

Who's been there lately?

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  1. Haven't been at lunch, but for dinner I've found that the wait time they quote you is drastically greater than it actually is. I just went last night at 7:45pm; they told me it would be two hours, probably more -- it was less than an hour.

    I also believe that you can make a reservation to eat at the bar.

    1. Saturday around 1:00 there was about a half hour wait, weekdays I've not yet had to wait (by myself at the bar).

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      1. No wait if you can there when they open.

        1. I've been a number of times at lunch and experience little to no wait (during the week, that is).

          A limited number of reservations are taken and not just to eat at the bar.

          1. Just been today for lunch at 2pm. No wait and about half full.