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Aug 6, 2012 05:14 AM

1st time in London

This will be my first time in London
I will be training in the financial area and could use some suggestions for dinners and pubs.
Sorry not on a expense account so $$ or $$$ out of 4 is my budget.

Also weekend brk and Lunches like Borough Market chorizo sandwich and the toasted cheese Kappacasein Dairy would be helpful while I explore.

I will be in London for a month

Thanks in Advance

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  1. Which financial area please? The City or Canary Wharf? Also we can't give dinner recs unless we know where you are staying. Most ideas will be repeats of those already available on this board via a little browsing.

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        Try Sedap for Penang styled nyona food. The curry section of the menu is where some of the best stuff is at.

        In Borough Market, also consider La Tua Pasta for the wild boar tortellini, and Gastronomica for the porchetta or coppa di testa sandwiches. Nearby Truly Indian on Borough High Street, just south of Borough Market is a regular spot on my rotation, as are Tuli (Cantonese on Tooley Street) and Tito's Peruvian (where I often get the aji de gallina).

        Closer to the City, look into Bankete for very solid Brazilian food. Good feijoada.

        You might find this thread useful:

        Love to hear what your explorations uncover -- hopefully we get to hear about places with delicious food that do not get the attention they deserve.

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          P.S. Maltings Cafe on Tower Bridge Road for excellent Italian-ish food. Older but humbler sister to Zucca, way better prices for similarly delicious stuff.

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          Here are a couple of good City pubs:

          Also, a stint in The City really should involve a visit to Simpsons:

          You'll have a reduced choice for dinner in The City, as many places only open at lunchtime. This is a fairly plain but reliable fallback:

          The City is very much in the middle of London, so a 20 minute tube (subway) ride in almost any direction will really open up your options. Westwards would be my first suggestion.

      2. Am I the only one who has no clue what amounts you are referring to? What does "$$ or $$$ out of 4" translate to in real money?

        1. $$ or $$$ out of 4 ($$$$)
          Refers to price points in North America just like you rate a Hotel using say 4 stars.
          $$$$ is the most expensive
          $ least expensive

          So a take out sandwich shop would be $
          A fancy VERY upscale dinning experience would be a $$$$

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            So to clarify, would your budget be around £20 - £40 a head, including booze?

            Near the City you have Brick Lane, which I would avoid for curry but which has a vibrant street food scene, there's plenty of threads on the better picks and will definitely be at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

            You're also pretty close to Columbia Road and the excellent Brawn, definitely worth a visit, as is the Corner Room at Town Hall on Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green, both only a £10 cab ride from the city or a 20 minute walk.

            I had a great pub lunch at the Jugged Hare a few months ago, it's more of the outskirts of the City, closer to the Barbican but would still be a walk, and not sure exactly where you are staying. I've also had good pub lunches at the Water Poet, off Bishops Gate (opposite the Denis Severs house which is definitely worth a visit on the tourist route.).

            Galvin La Chapelle is good, might be at the top end of your price bracket but certainly not the VERY upscale experience you define as $$$$. Around the Spitalfields area there is also Hawksmoor and Polpo has recently opened another outpost.

            1. re: Luvtooeat

              Gee, nothing like being specific...Good luck!

            2. Yes pj26
              20-40 a head is accurate

              Thank you for the variety of suggestions

              1. I would be having a scout round the Top Table website, which always has loads of deals available - usually for lunch or a table d'hote menu, but also simply a discount on the bill. Always my first place to look when visiting the central area of the capital. For example, I see that Galvin La Chappelle, mentioned up thread, has three course deals available from £26.50 to £29.50. Similarly the excellent * Blueprint Cafe offers a two course dinner for £18.

                (* I'm assuming that the Blueprint remains excellent since Jeremy Lee left for Quo Vadis)

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                1. re: Harters

                  We ate at the Blueprint shortly after Lee's departure. I didn't think it was exceptional at all, but it's worth going just for the views. It wasn't a bad meal and for £18, I'd certainly go again. It could well be the new chef is now a bit more on the mark.