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Aug 5, 2012 09:50 PM

Cheaper-than-Safeway red meat (not ground) near Berkeley?

I don't have a huge experience in shopping around here, but I've tried Safeway, 99 Ranch and Grocery Outlet, and none of them have great prices on meat. Although 99 Ranch pork is quite delicious, its price isn't low enough to eat it every day. Grocery Outlet does not have any fresh meat, period. I settled for Safeway for now, but their price isn't ideal, either. So, is there any place to buy cheap meat (preferably, for less than 2 dollars for a pound)? Thanks.

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  1. Nothing is coming to mind, but you may want to monitor Safeway for sales. Are you looking for any particular cuts?

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      No, not really. Also, it doesn't have to be beef; pork, goat or mutton will do.

    2. Costco has great meat at good prices. If you get large cuts of pork shoulder, it's under $2 a pound (I think).

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      1. re: Helene Goldberg

        As for beef, Costco sells Choice grade and above, so you won't find anything close to $2/lb there. Keep an eye on the weekly grocery store ads for Safeway, Lucky's/SaveMart, etc. as occasionally they will have London Broil and chuck roasts for around that price. Another option would be Smart & Final for larger cuts of Select Grade beef.

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        1. $2/lb is a tough price point. That said, some of the meat at Koreana Plaza on Telegraph in Oakland is distinctly cheaper than other outlets (Berkeley Bowl, 99, costco). Worth a look.

          1. Costco has a pack of 4 frozen Bulgogi packs total weight 2.5 pounds of which a good deal is marinade at about $5. Defrosted stir fried crispy with some onion and tossed with kimchi makes a decent sandwich.