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Aug 5, 2012 09:34 PM

Best Wine List in Portland

I have some family coming into town soon and they are big wine lovers and very knowledgeable what restaurants have the best wine lists in Porltand for them to check out? One's that have a lot of local wines would be great! I heard Andina has a good list but looking for some options!!! PS- the love great food too. Thanks for the help!

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  1. The Veritable Quandary, Wildwood and Higgins probably have the strongest lists in town that feature international selections with a healthy dose of Oregon wines. The Heathman used to have a very strong list but I can not attest to what it looks like these days. Beaker and Flask has a surprisingly good list that, while not as large as others mentioned, has some good selections.

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      Thanks!!! What would you say has the best food of the places you listed?!?!

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        I like Higgins. Their entrees can be daunting in size sometimes but sitting in the bar is great. Their fish preperations are generally excellent, soups are top notch and the service is very professional. Wildwood does the fresh/local thing quite well. Not as innovative as Higgins but generally good combinations on the plates. VQ is a little more spotty than either but they do have a kick-ass outdoor seating section. Beaker's food is very solid though the eye is a little more toward the simpler side of things on at least a portion of the menu. You can probably look at menus online for at least Higgins and Wildwood.