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Aug 5, 2012 05:21 PM

Silit Cookware...

So Bloomies replaced their Le Creuset line with Silit. The Staub is still on order. The funny thing is that it has the same colors as the LC. The Kiwi, Cherry, Flame and Dijon are all represented in similar colors. Did they think no one would notice it's not LC? It's even more expensive than LC and just as heavy or heavier. It has a shiny black enamel interior and a soft gradient enamel exterior. I never thought this would fly but they said they were selling it. One associate there said that Bloomies likes to try new things but I'm not buying that they would replace a sure bet like LC with this stuff if they could still sell LC. It has an 1/8" carbon steel core and corner and a bit thinner sides.

Has anyone seen the Silit cookware? What do you think?

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  1. I own a Silit stainless saucepan. Probably a 5qt. Got it for $6 at a thrift shop. My opinion of them as a company (based on ONE piece, I know), is that they're waaaay overpriced for something that's not terribly special. This is just a stainless saucepan with a sandwiched bottom and it retails for something like $250. It's nice, but I would have never paid that much for it. I think the draw to LC for me is that they're thin and seem 'graceful' if that's the correct word.

    1. I have 3 Silit Silargan pieces and really like them. They are pretty thick stainless steel with a high-temperature ceramic coating inside and out. IME, they cook a lot like LC, but they are tougher, can be used on high heat, and are dishwasher safe. Oh yeah, unlike LC, they have a nice flared pouring lip all around.

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        I'm surprised to hear they are made of stainless as there's no layering of aluminum in there to conduct heat. I saw a cross section and the Bloomies one was solid with no layering on the bottom. That's why I thought they might be carbon steel.

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          Silit Silargan has a carbon steel core and is great stuff! I have a couple of stockpots in the Silargan and love them.

          They have a stainless steel line in Europe, but it is their low end line. Their Forte is the ceramic coated carbon steel core.