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Aug 5, 2012 05:10 PM

Birthday in Tokyo - On a Sunday

Hi Folks..

I'm going to be celebrating a birthday soon in Japan on a Sunday evening and am wondering what you would suggest for a special experience and excellent restaurant. While I've been to Ryugin and the likes, I've found that most of the restaurants consistently recommended on this forum (several of which I've enjoyed and others not yet) are closed on Sundays. Other places such as Sawada Sushi seem to close early (8pm as I understand it).

Can anyone recommend anything special for a Sunday night? Certainly doesn't have to play into a birthday theme at all, but just something special and extravagant.


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  1. I recommend you to buy the Guide, there is many restaurants open on Sundays.
    For exemple, the Sushi Araki, the Pierre Gagnaire, the Il Bulgari (that I enjoyed), and many others.. So you will be able to scroll it with a cafe before choosing.

    1. At the beginning of the Michelin Guide there is a list of restaurants that are open on Sundays. If you don't have it, let me know more specifically what genre you're looking for and I can list the ones in that category for you. Here's a couple of the 2 and 3 star ones that are listed as open Sunday: 7chome Kyobooshi, all of Robuchon's restaurants, Pierre Gaignaire, Cuisine Michel Troisgois, and Jiro Roppongi.

      Sawada and Araki are listed too, but as you point out they close a little on the early side (Araki's LO is 20:30).

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        I'm in the same boat - I'd love to see what 2 and 3 star restaurants are open for Sunday dinner. I'm looking for Japanese genre. Thanks!

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          According to the Michelin Guide, the following 2 and 3 star restaurants are open Sundays: Araki, Azabu Yukimura, Daigo, Hifumian, Ichimonji, Nadaman Honten Sazanka-so, Raku-tei, Sawada, 7chome Kyoboshi, Jiro Roppongi, and Sushi Kanesaka.

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            Wow, thanks so much for the quick response!

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              I've been to Rakutei on a Sunday night. During the last half-hour we were sitting at the counter, the chef and staff were noisily scrubbing down their cookware and the preparation area. Probably not the ambiance you want for a birthday celebration....