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Aug 5, 2012 03:33 PM

A Week in SF: Save our marriage!

I'm a foodie married to a cheapskate. DH will eat boiled rat on a stick if the restaurant has a good view. We both like just about any kind of Asian, especially southeast Asian. I love Japanese but know where to get plenty of that when we move on down the coast to LA for a few days. We will be spending a week in SF before heading down the coast; we are staying at Union Square. So to summarize, our parameters are:

Mostly cheap/reasonable (dinner doesn't have to be super-cheap, and he owes me an anniversary dinner)

We both love any kind of Asian...I'm a little indifferent to Italian. But a place for super thin crust pizza would be nice to know about.

Staying at Union Square

Returning one evening from the ferry to Sausalito--suggestions for dinner around Pier 41?

He suggested dinner at Cafe Trieste one evening--alternative suggestions in that area?

We'll be at the Asian Art Museum of SF one evening. He proposed a place called Brainwash Cafe on Folsom & 7th--anybody familiar with it? Alternatives?

Zuni Cafe sounds OK, and that is part of his itinerary.

And last but not least, suggestions for something a little more special/memorable?

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  1. Burmese Kitchen, Lers Ros

    You can get a panino or piece of focaccia at Caffe Trieste but it isn't really a place for dinner. L'Osteria del Forno is great and cheap.

    Thinnest crust pizza in town is Pizzetta 211.

    I can't imagine going to Brainwash unless I needed to do a load of laundry.

    1. US Restaurant (Italian) is next door (or 2) to L'Osteria is good and is about the same price. The grilled pertrale sole is very good.

      +1 Brainwash is snack food and sandwiches in a laundrymat. I wouldn't even eat lunch there. At night you might get a local indie band playing in the small dining area. 98% chance you will not be comfortable.

      For "under cover" cheap Chinese seafood try Yuet Lee. It's not cheap but the hole-in-the-wall decor might lead one to think you're paying for food, not decor, which is about right. Anything fresh/seasonal or in the tank should be very good.

      I'd look at SFGate's Bargain Bites and cross-reference.

      1. As mentioned, Lers Ros Thai and Burmese Kitchen are both very good and relatively cheap. SF also has a lot of good inexpensive Vietnamese places if Pho and Banh Mi are lacking where you are from. All these are found within walking distance of the Asian Art Museum.

        Butterfly (Asian fusion) at Pier 35 has a nice view and is one of the few recommendable restaurants in the Fisherman's Wharf area.

        Zuni is great, but just note that it may come off pricey for what you get for a cheapskate (or anyone willing to eat rat on a stick).

        1. My suggestion for something a little more special/memorable is for you to ditch your husband and have an extramarital affair with a local epicure, which is what your husband deserves for suggesting dinner at a laundromat cafe.

          But barring that, Burmese Kitchen is very close to the Asian Art Museum, and it's not very expensive. I'm a fan. I can second Lers Ros as a recommendation for Thai food, and that's not too far either. Nearby is also Turtle Tower, which is a very popular pho place, if you like pho.

          There is a great Italian restaurant near Pier 41 called Albona, although it's not exactly cheap. It is, however, significantly better than all the touristy Italian places in that neighborhood.

          Zuni Cafe is worth a stop. Great raw bar.

          1. Like everyone else said: Brainwash is a laundrymat. However you are very close to UN plaza, depending on what day/time, there are some great street food options. Bring cash.

            I dont think of Trieste for food, but near by, assuming you are talking about the original location in North beach, you have Tonys Pizza: all different types of pizza.

            Depending on where in Union square you are staying, you can walk into chinatown. Most CHers will not eat in china town. I only eat at Hunan Homes, but there are a ton of options.

            Zuni is great!

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              Most (or at least many) CHers will happily eat at Great Eastern and Z & Y in Chinatown. In fact, I'd call them both very good choices to meet the OP's needs. Location is convenient to Union Square.