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Aug 5, 2012 03:08 PM

What to order at Mac's Shack?

We ate at Mac's Shack in 2010 and were underwhelmed. Didn't hate it, just didn't see what all the fuss was about. We also tried Pearl that trip and were very enthusiastic. Then last summer we returned to Pearl and weren't quite so excited. Sometimes I think we just lose interest when the novelty wears off, which isn't necessarily a comment on the quality of the restaurant. Also, everyone in my family is a fussy eater, each in their own special way, which can sometimes mean that a terrific restaurant won't work for us because there's so little for at least one person to eat (eg Blackfish and my husband). But I digress. . .

Anyway, so many people are so enthusiastic about Mac's Shack that I'm thinking maybe we should give it another try. But when I really focus on the reviews, what people seem to really like are the drinks and the sushi. My husband doesn't eat sushi. Even sushi with cooked fish won't really work for dinner for him. So, can we get a consensus (ha ha ha) on the non-sushi fish options at Mac's Shack? Worth driving from Chatham for or really, we can do just as well elsewhere?

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  1. I like the sushi, the fish tacos and the coconut curry scallops.

    But if I were driving that far from Chatham I'd continue to Truro and eat at Blackfish. I can't imagine not finding something to eat there. What does your husband like?

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      I have only eaten sushi at Mac's Shack and find it amazing...Pearl, IMHO is about wine, views, raw bar and simple fare..I find the rest of the food, so so.

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        I love the broiled Oysters absinthe at Mac's Shack...Also, concur that Blackfish is a must!

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          I went to Blackfish Sept. 16 last year. It was a rainy cool night. IMHO it's a great low season spot ...it's an indoor kind of place, a rather rustic cozy feel. Not my sort of spot when it's a summer evening..that's me. I did like it very much but need to go back a second time to confirm how awesome everyone finds it..I don't have great memories as it was the last date location with the biggest loser of my life, so I am biased (bad memories yet good food).. I still recommend it often to friends and to you all here..but, Macs and Pearl are my go to spots for summer fun...

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            I agree about the indoorness of blackfish, we are most likely to go when it is rainy. But the food is head and shoulders above the others imo.

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        If Blackfish has a website, I can't find it. But I looked at the menu on Cape Cod Chefs. My husband doesn't like red meat of any kind, cheese in even minute quantities, anything creamy or buttery, plus a few assorted other things. In addition, he has high blood sugar and is very, very careful about not eating too many carbs. So I go through the menu and there is literally not a single appetizer he'd be interested in. He'd eat the house salad and maybe the nicoise, depending on how the egg is cooked (hard boiled only, please). Of the entrees, the only one he would touch is the salmon and he eats A LOT of salmon at home and frankly the preparation doesn't sound all that novel. I'm sure it's a wonderful restaurant. There are plenty of things I'd eat. But, understandably, he'd like a bit more choice.

        We're fun to feed.

        The menu at Wicked Oyster actually works better for us, but I've kind of been left with an impression of more mixed reviews. And we're definitely going to Ocean House. So it's not like you can't feed us. But some menus are problems.

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          Blackfish has a rather active Facebook page with the daily specials posted on occasion and timely updates about the menu in general. We ate their in mid July and the special was black sea bass with an Israeli couscous and swiss chard - healthy, delicious and very perfectly presented.

      3. If you are staying in Chatham why not try the Impudent Oyster. Always very good. Great Mussles wth chorizo and scallop rolls. We stay in Wellfleet and travel to Chatham just for that reason. Mac's strong point is the sushi. Yes to Blackfish, can't miss. Pearl, the food is mediocre, but a fun place. Arnold's for fried things (clams) and raw clams at the bar.

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          Anotherjennifer, so fish and veggies, right? I am sure 99% restaurants will serve a plain piece of grilled fish ....call ahead. OH's menu is not likely to please your husband. I wasn't wowed by Wicked Oyster. ..I'd let your husband choose so he's happy..Not sure what to recommend based on your dietary requirements but not OH, Blackfish or most places listed unless you call ahead and ask for a special menu. Good luck..

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            This will be our 7th summer vacation in Chatham and we've tried the Impudent Oyster a few times over the years. Oddly, we don't love it. I say oddly because we're apparently the only ones. It's not that we thought it was bad, just not interesting. I don't know. Maybe we order wrong.
            And I know, now it sounds like we don't like anything, but I swear it's not true.

            OH sounds great. There are actually all sorts of things on that menu he'd eat happily.

          2. Have you tried Vining's Bistro in Chatham? We prefer it to Impudent Oyster.

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              What about Pisces? I had a less than wonderful meal at Vinings. I concur on 28 Atlantic and like IO for a light lunch, nothing more. It's too crowded for my taste..IMHO, 28 Atlantic is perfection..

            2. You could head next door to Harwich and go to Buca's if Italian is an acceptable option. Or for truly remarkable fare there is Wequessett Inn's 28 Atlantic.

              1. Fish and chips - no kidding great. (and the big mac - spicy tuna roll, tuna wrapped, topped with tuna... wow...

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                  We've been to Vining's a couple of times over the last two years and enjoyed it both times. We haven't tried Pisces. I should look at it. Based on recommendations here, I think we're going to try Del Mar this year.

                  And, of course, Squire. If it were up to my 10 year old, I think we'd eat there every night, but cruelly. we'll probably limit it to just a couple of times. I like it. We've hit the occasional off night over the years, but find they can almost always be counted on to do a nice job on simple, straightforward dishes. And my son thinks their hamburgers are the most delicious burgers on the planet. I don't see it, but if he's happy. . .