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Aug 5, 2012 12:43 PM

Paris-michelin star with prix fix menu for lunch

I am taking my mother for her last trip to Paris (she will be 89) and want to treat her to a michelin starred restaurant. It must have a prix fix menu for lunch. Please share your ideas

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  1. There are about 70 Michelin starred restaurants in Paris and it is a good bet they all have a lunch "menu" - you need more specifics like price, style, area, food.....

    1. thanks, we want traditional french, no more than 100 euro per person.

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        More problematic than you might imagine. Michelin stars tend not be given to chefs who specialize in traditional or untouched classic cuisine. Maybe la Tour d'Argent comes closest to the trad style but, even so, lots of modern twists. 68 € for the lunch formule + at least another 50 € for drinks, etc.

        If you want a trad vibe with superb but not necessarily classic cuisine:
        Michel Rostang in the 17th, a terrific 78 € lunch deal;
        le Grand Véfour at the Palais Royal, dripping with history and tradition, my 84 yr old grande dame-ish grandmother adores it (and so does her 35-year old grandson), a 98 € lunch ... but any drinks, etc will be budget busting.
        la Grande Cascade in the Bois de Boulogne, cuisine can be a bit modernish, but the whole experience (food + historic ambiance + setting) is memorable ... and it gets mémé's seal of approval too... 98 € including two glasses of wine + mineral water + coffee + mignardises or 75 € without drinks.

        An afterthought:
        While I personally find its cuisine bourgeoise at haute-cuisine prices to be close to absurd, the very trad unchanged-for-decades l'Ami Louis in the 3rd might be more justifiable on your special occasion

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          We celebrated hubby's 50th at La Grande Cascade with the prix fixe including wine (with a well-spent extra20 euro glass of champagne per person extra from the champagne cart). The service was so warm and welcoming, even though we were probably spending about 200-300 euros less per person than those dining a la carte. The prix fixe is available at dinner as well (which is when we dined) and the waiters could not have been sweeter ~ very professional, but they put us at ease, joking, taking pictures for us and even thanking us for letting us give them the opportunity to serve us. A first class experience in every way:

          Congratulations on your mom's birthday. Hope you guys have a wonderful celebration!


        2. re: connim

          Congratulations to your mother for her birthday, and to you: You are a good son.
          I'd go for Le Grand Véfour for such a milestone celebration. The food is traditional à souhait. If the service is any better, the staff would be giving you massage between courses. The historic setting is stunning. The lovely Palais Royal garden outside is perfect for a pre- an post-meal stroll. The whole meal with wine may exceed your budget a little.

        3. as an example. Took my eighty plus mom to Jules Verne, food questionable, but she sure loved it because of the view.