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Aug 5, 2012 11:51 AM

Burratta in Balto City

is there a reliable source. Please dont tell me Wegmann's --it's a long drive, and what I got there recently was noy good at all.

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  1. I've not seen it there, but you might try DiPasquale's? They make their own mozzarella, so if they don’t offer it I would curious to hear why.

    1. That's a tough one given the cheese's fragility and lack of demand in our area. I would suggest that you mail-order it directly from a larger-market cheese shop (DiBruno Brothers or Murray's) and have it shipped overnight. There is a farm in Vermont that makes a very nice version which is the one available at Murray's (

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I don't know where you can buy it for take home, but I will say with a fair amount of certainty that Chazz has quite possibly the best Burratta Mozz I have EVER had. I've had it from a lot of places (though, only in the states) and Chazz' still cannot be beat. They have a mozz bar and an awesome menu! If I could eat it every day, not go broke and not have a massive coronary, I would.

          ETA: My boyfriend who has been to italy says it's as good as the cheese he had there, if not better!

          1. And here's a photo to show it's awesomeness. It looks like a small serving, but it is anything but!