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Aug 5, 2012 11:01 AM

SF Chefs 2012 - anyone attend?

Many events going on in SF this weekend including this one on Union Square. Didn't attend but did pass by and bumped into 2 former chefs I've worked with. Mostly curious about the tastings offered. Marked my calendar for next year if found worthwhile. TIA.

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  1. I've volunteered the last few years over at the Westin where many of the classes and demonstrations are held and have found it quite interesting and folks really seem to enjoy themselves. This year I was able to assist the "Wines of Portugal" people with their class and learn a few new things. The Grand Tasting Tent can be pretty crowded and a little pricy, but you do get the opportunity to see live cooking demos and have a bit of food & wine. I haven't made it to any of the parties yet, but every year I hear folks had a great time. See you next year!