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Aug 5, 2012 09:50 AM

ISO Bi Bim Bap in Richmond Hill

The eponymous spot at Bathurst/Eg is great

Can anyone suggest a reasonable 905 facsimile?

Thanks in advance


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  1. Dahn Korean restaurant at 8159 Yonge St has some surprisingly good bibimbap, traditional style (not the modernized version served at the place on eg west, which I also love for other reasons), similar to the late wonjo restaurant at yonge/Patricia (?), full of yummy ferns and root veggies. I had it as a combo with the soybean stew so the price was a bit high but worth it - stew was also as good as my moms who ferments her own soybeans. The stone bowl bibimbap had a nice crust, which is hard to find in restos as they make it easy to scoop up all the rice (usually in one clean scoop) whereas this one was like my moms homemade one where the rice turns a crunchy dark brown. The best bbbap I've had in a long while!

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      Your description of this dish sounds perfect, berbere. I haven't had a traditional one here in Toronto before but I would always order that style if it was on the menu when I was working in Korea. This is gonna go on my to-try list for sure.

      1. re: sumashi

        Please reportback after you try it. I was disappointed by the side dishes/banchan -quality and quantity-- esp since my mother gave the place high praise for their modernized korean food. but the toasted crunchy rice bottom and dwaenjang were so good I forgot about the sides!

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          Sorry for the late reply here. I tried visiting Dahn in May/June and it seems i was too late! I walked inside but the tables and chairs were in disarray. I ended up talking to the new owner - he was just clearing out the old deco and I believe it will turn into a place serving Middle-Eastern food. I haven't passed by again recently to see what came about of it.