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We have been making the transition from 30+ years of living in San Francisco to our new home in Henderson, and have found numerous wonderful restaurants (upscale and "comfort") and food markets of all kinds. Thanks to an early tip from Dave Feldman, we also found the Las Vegas Coffee Roasting Company for fresh roasted whole bean coffee.

However we have been totally unable to find burritos that we like (e.g. Le Cumbre, Pancho Villa, Tacqueria San Francisco) here. I understand the "Mission" burritos are somewhat unique to San Francisco. We have found pleasing tacos in the Maryland Parkway area, but not burritos.

We have easily tried 25 different locations over the past year, many more than once. We have tried the tacquerias in Mexican markets, and numerous stand-alones, chains, etc.

We have tried to explain to the counter people the ingredients to include, but it never works for us. The result is hard to describe, but they just don't seem to hold together and the mixture of rice to other ingredients has invariably been "off".

Admittedly, this is hardly a serious deprivation in our lives, but if there is something out there that we missed, it would be great to fill in this "blank".

Although located South in the hills of Henderson, we don't mind driving some distance to try to get what we've been missing.

So Chowhounds, any advice would be most welcome.

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  1. You've stumped me. I've never encountered a Mission burrito in LV. Let me ask a couple of friends.

    1. The original comment has been removed