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Aug 5, 2012 09:40 AM

Seafood/Clam Chowder cooking class near Boston

I am looking for a cooking class for my husband and I to take where we will learn how to make great seafood or clam chowder. We are only living in New England for 8-10 months until my job transfers me so we want to be able to make it in our next location also. Anyone know of a place that offers a cooking class for this I can't find one! Thanks!

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  1. I would check all the adult education classes but chowder is so easy you might not need a class.

    Here's a video with Jasper White from Summer Shack on homemade clam chowder

    Here's another from a home chef

    Of course, the cream chowder is only one variation. While you're in this area you should also master the RI chowder with clear stock. I like the one at Evelyn's in Tiverton. And there is also a tomato based chowder that was traditionally served in amusement park shore dinner halls and is still available around Rhode Island at Chowder Houses.

    Even with the white chowders there are heavy creamy versions, pasty versions and light clammy versions. What type is your favorite and where have you enjoyed it?


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    1. re: BostonZest

      Hi Penny-

      Thanks for the reply- the videos were a great help! We never actually looked into just looking up a recipe and making it, I figured it would be more complicated. We have really only had the heavy cream versions so far, we like it to be a little thinner of a broth. We have only been here for a week so Legals Seafood and a place at Quincy Market have been our favorite!

      Thanks so much for the reply!


    2. Haven't seen a specific seafood class, but there are a bunch of cooking schools in the area.. Cambridge Culinary Academy, for example. Check their catalog. To be honest, clam chowder isn't that tough of a dish.. the big question is if you are willing to shuck your own clams and if not, how good of a clam juice can you get?

      I agree with Penny - most clam chowders here in Boston are over the top creamy. I was just down at Matunuck Oyster Bar in RI and had a RI-style chowder, which I much prefer.

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      1. re: grant.cook

        Thanks for the reply- we are definitely willing to shuck our own clams- given we learn how! I am sure it will be a learning process but we will also make sure to try different types of chowder! Thanks again!

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          If you don't know how to shuck clams most supermarkets in the area and some individual fishmongers usually have shucked clams ready to cook on offer. Market Basket in Reading has them this week, for instance.

      2. Look up Helen's Kitchen classes, she teaches a lot of fish cooking techniques

        and has a great blog with a lot of suggestions, recipies, and videos about fish and seafood cooking

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        1. re: galka

          Thanks for the suggestion- we have looked at Helen's Kitchen and will probably do other classes with her but on her blog I already found a recipe I want to try!

        2. Clam/fish chowder is incredibly easy to make.

          In addition to that video, google LS's chowder for recipes. Jasper White's inspiration.

          1. Jasper White has a cookbook: 50 Chowders