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Aug 5, 2012 09:20 AM

Chinese Food Near Hudson or Marlborough

I am not that familiar with Chinese food in Hudson or Marlborough but I need to get some tonight. Can you tell me where the best is too be had? Thanks!

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  1. how far are you willing to go? Because the best Chinese food is in Framingham: Sichuan Gourmet, Uncle Cheungs, and Red Pepper are all excellent. And all are on route 9 in Framingham.

    I;ve had tolerable Chinese at Mandarin Westborough and Cheng Du II. Not great, but good in a pinch, if those are any closer.

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      I had a pretty bad meal at Uncle Cheung's, but I ordered only from the items i recognized as Shanghainese, so I can't say anything about the Americanese side of the menu.

      Sichuan Gourmet and Red Pepper both make awesome Sichuan food though.

    2. I always enjoy Lotus Blossum in Sudbury for American style Chinese Food. Everything is very tasty and they have a very nice buffet lunch. Agree with SG Framingham rec for Sichuan. Also, you're only about a half hour from Gene's Chinese Flatbread in Chelmsford. Other threads will fully describe what to get there (Hand pulled noodles, etc.), but be aware that it's more a takeout / counter service place than a restaurant.