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Aug 5, 2012 08:41 AM

Fried RED Tomatoes

Most of us are familiar with fried GREEN tomatoes--YUM! But, my Mom and Dad used to pluck tomatoes from the garden in summer when they were red and firm--the beginning of their ripeness. Then Mom/Dad would dredge slices of the tomatoes in flour and fry in, I guess butter and/or oil, in a black iron skillet. Then they would sift powdered sugar on top.

Is this an exclusive "recipe" invented by my parents,or has someone else enjoyed this particular treat? FoiGras

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  1. The powdered sugar is a new one on me, but an Italian restaurant here in St. Louis (Brazie's), does a red tomato, sliced thick, dredged in flour, cornmeal, and, I think, a bit of grated cheese, and fried. Quite wonderful...the tomato inside the crust gets molten hot and very juicy, and contrasts wonderfully with the crispy coating. I may have to make those tonight...I promise I'll try powdered sugar on one of them...sort of a Monte Christo treatment for a tomato...

    1. I've heard of Fried Green Tomatoes having powdered sugar on top so your parents' use of it may have come from there.

      1. My grandmother would make fried RED tomaotes. Cored & thick sliced, dredged in seasoned flour and/or bread crumbs, fried QUICKLY in generous amount of bacon grease and topped with cheese at the very end till it got gooey.

        I've made a few adjustments to how she made them. I give tomatoes a 30 sec or so dip in boiling water to easily get skins off. Slice thick and poke out as much of the gel/seeds as possible. She probably only used "American" cheese... yummy with the bacon fat. I use good amount of butter in non-stick pan... till just starting to brown, then QUICK fry on both sides... if pan isn't hot tomatoes are gonna wanna try to become "sauce". At very end, will scatter some of the left-over seasoned bread crumbs to brown up in butter. I like to top with provolone and drizzle left-over, butter-laden crumbs over the top. Then eat while dangerously hot and oozing cheese.

        1. A home grown vine/widow sill ripe tomato can be tricky to fry...but possible. Solid green is good. ` I really like them 'pinking' a bit however.~ I Save the sugar for D-Zert. ~ If I want to gill the lily, I prefer lump crab meat with a drizzle of Remoulade, but prefer them 'neat'

          1. I often fry thick slices of ripe garden tomatoes - but minus the sugar. Floured, crumbed, or not, I simply fry them in an obscene amount of butter along with eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, as part of a pseudo English breakfast. Delicious!