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Aug 5, 2012 05:09 AM

BBQ in Lansing????

Last night mom put me in charge of finding something new to eat. So I hoped on google and looked up Lansing Food Blogs. After finding three or four websites that look like they had not been updated within 2 years or if they did they only mentions "Fork in the road" I finally found one. Hell I can't even remember it's name but it pointed me to a place called "King of the Grill". It did not sound like much...but started looking around at reviews at Google, Yelp and where ever and found all pretty much positive reviews. So we looked back at Google maps and found it located on Grand River just south of the Airport.

We drove on out while listening to some loud music hoping for the best and expecting the worst (After all it is Lansing food we are talking about). We pulled in to what looked like a renovated Burger King at 7:58pm and saw the parking lot damn near empty. One lady and her friend were coming on out so my mom yelled on over and asked if the food was anygood, and they affirmed that it was but told us to get our asses inside because they close at 8pm. We hoped on in and asked if it was too late to get some carry out and we were greated with a nice "Not Yet!".

I saw that they had 3 meats and two sides for $9.99. Mom and I had a pretty big lunch so I figured we could share one... I ordered up Brisket, Pulled Pork and Hanger Steak. They also had Ham, Turkey and some Chicken. They also do Ribs but they were not part of the choices for the three meat plate. Also got some Slaw and Mac and Cheese as sides....those are two dishes that always seem to help as a barometer for the other sides. So we loaded up the car and headed on home.

After opening the carry out styrofoam dish I was welcomed by a great looking smoke ring, a nice balance of smoke smell and two sides that looked...oh so typical (and they were). Have to say I was very happy with the pulled pork, the Brisket had excellent flavor but was slightly tough and the hanger steak was great. No sauce was used by us...and have to say I saw some corporate sauce back at their store. So don't go for any sauce choices. BYOS if you are picky. and I have decided it is a keeper as long as you stick to the meat. Good affordable meat with servicable sides and HFCS type sauces from a pump at the Soda machine. Could be better...but is solid where it matters.

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  1. Nice find, thanks for the writeup, I hadn't heard about that place. I did recently discover some good bbq in Lansing as well at Meat BBQ in Old Town. I had the pulled pork and chopped brisket - both nice and smoky with a solid bark. Juicy enough to not need any of the sauces - they had four housemade varieties, including one made with Michigan cherries. I was really, really impressed with Meat, I highly recommend it if you're looking for another bbq spot in Lansing. I have a more complete write-up of it and a few other bbq spots I've found in mid-Michigan.


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        Thanks for the tip on Meat BBQ. I was searching the web heavily for BBQ in Lansing 2 weeks ago and this spot didn't come up at all. Weird. Definitely on the "to try soon" list.

      2. Jan,

        I too was looking for something new in Lansing and tried King of the Grill two weeks ago for lunch on a Saturday. I had the rib plate with two sides, those sides being coleslaw and mac & cheese like yourself (yes, they are the litmus test for BBQ sides). I agree with you about the sides, the slaw was completely forgettable and I found the flavor of the mac & cheese somewhat odd, like too heavy a hand with the onion powder. As for the ribs, to me they went slightly beyond smoky and crossed over to into "sooty"; a hint of that dark, acrid smoke you get from fast but incomplete combustion of wood. Like you I also skipped the jug of KC Masterpiece.

        So am I ready to write of KotG? No, not yet. I'll always give a new place a couple of tries, but I'm in south Okemos and am not ready to drive across town just to eat there. (I do regularly drive across town to eat at Fork in the Road though.)

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          Yeah....I did read on one of the blogs that they are experiencing "consistency" issues so I could see that happening. Might be that the people running the smoker are using time/weight to determine done-ness instead of touch and experience. Ribs definitely have tell tail signs of being done.

        2. Good Find! Never heard of the King. Fork in the Road is owned by the food truck trailer park'd. Really want to try Meat BBQ and Carnivore Cuisine...which also have those disco fries aka poutine that is such a hot ticket item.

          If you get thirsty stop by stober's bar(super old)...the bar was made in cali and shipped is stunning! Wizards and griffins....check it out!