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Aug 5, 2012 04:31 AM

What to do with hardened macaroons?

Any ideas for what I can do with lots of hard but nice macaroons? They're not the coloured, sandwich-type French macarons, but the traditional macaroons made with almond, egg white and sugar. I was thinking crush them up and use as a base for a desert maybe...

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  1. i'd put them in a food processor or otherwise grind them up, make a crust with them using melted butter, and then create a fresh fruit tart with almond custard (i'm thinking a beautiful fresh peach tart).

    they'd also make a good crust for some key lime bar cookies.

    you can also make ice cream or yogurt parfaits, with layers of the creamy stuff and the crumbles and some fruit.

    1. Biscuit Tortoni!!! My favorite Italian dessert.

      1. Look up recipes for amaretti crust - macaroons are relatives of Italian amaretti cookies, which are traditionally used as crusts for light cheesecakes (not the heavy NY kind) and other sweet tort-type desserts..

        1. Stuffed Baked Apples
          crush and crumble em, mix with a little melted butter and optional spice, and stuff into cored apples. place in a baking dish, pour over apple juice or 7-up and bake.

          Crispy Fruit Slices
          crush macaroons and place in one dish. dip slices of fruit (apple, pear, melons, peach, etc) into some egg, then macaroons. fry in butter, or bake til golden and crisp.

          Ice Cream - add them to the custard, part way through its churn time. or sprinkle on top.

          Crush and add to pancake or waffle batter

          Substitute them for ladyfingers for an alternate take on tiramisu.

          1. You could use them instead of meringues in Eton Mess.