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Aug 5, 2012 03:15 AM

What is this boards favorite Cuban joint?

I will be in Miami for 1 day on my way to the Keys. We are definatly going to Joes Stone Crab fro dinner. As for lunch i would like some very authentic cuban food. What clues can you give me

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  1. I like Versailles. Plenty of locals go there but the neighborhood can be a little iffy.

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    1. re: Jenaclaree

      First off....there are a million and one very good Cuban restaurants in South Florida.....Take your pick....I think Versailles is a great pick because the food there is very is the service.....and you get the Little Havana vibe there.......

      I will politely and vehemently disagree that Versailles is in an "iffy neighborhood"......nothing further from the truth.....I've eaten there probably more than any gringo in South Florida and have NEVER seen anything that would support "iffy".....

      Ft. Pierce, FL

      1. re: LargeLife

        you will never have a problem at versaiiles or across the street at lacareta, theres probably a half dozen cops at a time eating at them or hitting the coffee windows, enjoy some good eating there

        1. re: seminole phil

          Anyone know what time La Careta is upon until? We are arriving late and I'm thinking about heading straight to Calle Ocho. Versailles is open until 2AM during the week, so they are at the top of the list.

          1. re: GroovinGourmet

            2 AM during the week. 5 AM Friday & Saturday.

            1. re: GroovinGourmet

              You don't have to head all the way down to Calle Ocho for LaCareta. Ther's one just outside the International Mall west of the airport. Also a branch int he North Terminal of MIA that's open 24 hours.

              1. re: crewsweeper

                Good to know, but my companion has never done Cuban, so I'm thinking a little Calle Ocho crawl would be the way to introduce her.

            2. re: seminole phil

              Interesting I never noticed the police presence. I stand corrected about the neighborhood!

              1. re: Jenaclaree

                I gues its Versailles then. thank you. i will repost here when im in Miami

                1. re: Locutus

                  You also mentioned Joe's Stone Crabs........which is my all-time favorite......The won't have crabs until October......and then they close in the end of stone crab sason....If you eat stone crabs before October......they're been frozen....and no self-respecting stone crab connoseur would eat stone crabs that have been frozen!....Just sayin.......

                  Ft. Pierce, FL

                  1. re: LargeLife

                    Not to quibble with you LL, but although you are correct about stone crab season and their availability at Joe's from October to May, Joes does remain open through August before closing until October, although I believe they take a week off between end of crab season and their "summer" non-stone crab season.

                    1. re: zook

                      You are right Zook......Joes does remain open through August before closing until mistake.....But honestly.....are you going to Joe's when they don't have FRESH stone crabs?.....I'm not!....Joe's does have very good food beyond the stone crabs....but my money is better spent eating even better, non-stone crab items at other SoBe eateries.....And then wait for stone crab season to open again.....and to visit Joe's again is that much sweeter.....

                      LL / EMac
                      Ft. Pierce, FL

                    2. re: LargeLife

                      thanks for that info. its perfect as we wont be there till mid october

              2. re: LargeLife

                Love the Versailles neighborhood.

              1. Versailles is a good choice & the neighborhood is just fine. It is a "must stop" for most politicians and Cubans that are visiting Miami area. I prefer it over La Carreta that is somewhat across SW8st. They are both owned by the same family.
                But, I feel most of SW8st (Calle Ocho) is now populated by Central Americans and doesn't have quite the same feel as it did back in the '60's and '70's.
                Another place I especially like for Cuban food is Las Culebrinas, the one on Bird Rd (4708).
                Enjoy your trip & the food.

                1. Its been some time since i lived in Miami but my fac Cuban joint was Islas Canarias good food and great pricing


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