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Aug 4, 2012 11:41 PM

Best Budget Eats

Any good "must try" budget eats for my upcoming trip to the LA area? I'll be based out of Long Beach, but don't mind driving for food and/or finding things to do/see nearby your recommendations.

Seafood is at the top of my list - don't get much selection of that here in the Vegas desert!!

Asian is always good.

I'm open to ANY suggestions.


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  1. Some of the best Texas style BBQ in the area:

    Bludso's BBQ
    811 S Long Beach Blvd
    Compton, CA 90221
    (310) 637-1342

    1. Try Mexicali Taco & Co for some great Mexicali Mexican food, Vampiros & Catchatades.

      Lobster or shrimp Tacos at Rick'ys are some of the best ever

      Papa Cristos for some great Greek, lately I like the grilled octopus appetizer and the Gyros pizza.

      Grab a Chile Relleno or Chorizo & Egg burrito from La Azteca Tortillaria,

      1. Coni Seafood/Mariscos Chente is worth drive to Inglewood.