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Solid lunchtime chow recs needed in Charlestown

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This September I'm beginning my new career as a grad student to become a nurse practitioner!

This means I'll be at school for long stretches of the day (located in the Charlestown Navy Yard) - with a few 1-2 hr time chunks which I'd love to use for some gooood eats.

I rarely hear about Charlestown chow besides Tangierino and Figs, which I'm not particularly interested in trying (nor do I think is a casual lunch place). I've spotted that crappy 99 restaurant and a few sad Tedeschi markets. I also spotted the "Go Fish" food truck which was discussed briefly in a thread, but I don't think the food trucks are around in Fall/Winter.

Would love some ideas.

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  1. Replying mainly to bump this thread for you...I worked in the Navy Yard from 1997-2003. It's changed a lot since then! We used to get coffee at Store 24, our only option until Biba breads appeared ( that's long gone, I believe). Then a Finagle bagel opened up shortly before I left.

    Two hour breaks are enough time to hop the MGH shuttle over to North Station and dash into the North End, for a field trip. On a nice you can walk over the locks instead - its a really nice walk.

        1. The Navy Yard Bistro is good, but I don't know if they are open for lunch.

          1. Chow Thai Cafe is pretty tasty and not too far from the Navy Yard.

            1. Are you mobile (and able to take car in/out of parking)? Access to Rt 1 North opens up a lot of eats in Chelsea (Everett and Revere with 2 hours). Courthouse, Snack Bar, and Portugalia in the other direction all serve lunch, are fairly quick, and have on-street/public lot parking. Rt 99 gets you to lower Broadway in Somerville (Tapatio, Gauchao, Pastelaria, Montecristo). As others have mentioned the bar pie at La Hacienda is a good bet and the individual is a bit cheaper if you order the lunch special. You can also compare Mike's (Rt 99 Everett) and Skampa (Cambridge St) to see which you prefer. These days I prefer most of these to the North End, but Mangia Mangia, Regina's, Ernesto's, Pace, Daily Catch, and Umberto I have made it to biking, walking, using meters, or Haymarket parking. Neptune isn't student budget, but often more enjoyable at lunchtime.

              1. Haven't been in a long time, but the cafe at the end of 8th street in the 1rst floor (long ago biga space) used to have good sandwiches that you can take in to the park.

                I agree if you have a bike it will open most of the city andCambridge up to you. There is a great new bike bridge that now connects Charlestown (paul revere park, charles river dam under the 93 bridge?) with east Cambridge, which will get you to an easy ride to court house seafood and inman square.

                1. Unfortunately, there are no great lunch places in Charlestown. In fact, Charlestown is probably the part of the city most lacking in good food. Zumi's on Main St. has ok sandwiches (I can't say the same about Sorelle, although I eat Sorelle's sandwiches often) and the big building that houses the MGH labs used to have a pretty good food court, although I haven't been there for 15 years.

                  1. Unfortunately, you'll need to depart Charlestown to find anything worthy of repeat visits. Chow Thai cafe is solid, but otherwise you're stuck. Toni Ann's is a new dive pizza/sub joint on Main st. Best pizza and subs in Charlestown, although that isn't saying much. Otherwise, as others have said, you'll need to head to N. End, Somerville, Cambridge, or Chelsea/Everett to find anything.

                    Note: Zume's is currently closed for renovations and it looks like they'll continue to be so for some time.