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Aug 4, 2012 10:54 PM

Solid lunchtime chow recs needed in Charlestown

This September I'm beginning my new career as a grad student to become a nurse practitioner!

This means I'll be at school for long stretches of the day (located in the Charlestown Navy Yard) - with a few 1-2 hr time chunks which I'd love to use for some gooood eats.

I rarely hear about Charlestown chow besides Tangierino and Figs, which I'm not particularly interested in trying (nor do I think is a casual lunch place). I've spotted that crappy 99 restaurant and a few sad Tedeschi markets. I also spotted the "Go Fish" food truck which was discussed briefly in a thread, but I don't think the food trucks are around in Fall/Winter.

Would love some ideas.

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  1. Replying mainly to bump this thread for you...I worked in the Navy Yard from 1997-2003. It's changed a lot since then! We used to get coffee at Store 24, our only option until Biba breads appeared ( that's long gone, I believe). Then a Finagle bagel opened up shortly before I left.

    Two hour breaks are enough time to hop the MGH shuttle over to North Station and dash into the North End, for a field trip. On a nice you can walk over the locks instead - its a really nice walk.

        1. The Navy Yard Bistro is good, but I don't know if they are open for lunch.

          1. Chow Thai Cafe is pretty tasty and not too far from the Navy Yard.