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Aug 4, 2012 09:01 PM

Options for York/Hershey/Lancaster

I'll be traveling alone in these three areas for one day and was hoping for some suggestions for places to find (if possible):

Shoofly Pie
A decent cheesesteak (is that even possible so far away from Philly?)
Chow chow
Tomato pie
Anywhere I can get a good sense of PA Dutch food or culture as my soon-to-be husband is of PA Dutch origin
Philadelphia style ice cream or milk, since I'm hearing about the milk here

I am so hungry.

P.S. We named our dog Scrapple. I've tried making scrapple on my own with no frame of reference, and eaten the frozen kind, but would love to find the real deal.

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  1. Is it one day in each of the three or one day in total?

    Tomato Pie Cafe in Lititz has good tomato pie.

    The best place to get a good sense of PA Dutch food may be a market off the beaten path. I like the Village Farm Market in Hinkletown. They will have fresh baked goods (like shoofly pie) and canned items (like chow chow) along with good prepared foods for you to take along.

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      Correction. I just stopped by yesterday and they don't have canned goods. But they do have chow chow in the deli case. Overall, a nice stop for your exploration.

    2. Camp Hill while not exceptionally close has the best cheesesteaks outside of Philly at Philadelphia Steak and Hoagie. Some have said that it is better than Philly. They also have a location in downtown Harrisburg I believe but have never tried it.

      1. Weis Markets is a large regional chain in these areas and it sells a couple of varieties of PA made scrapple that my husband likes. You can find it in the cooler area where bacon, hot dogs, etc are located.