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Aug 4, 2012 08:12 PM

Tea Shops/Cafes

Hello everyone,
I've begun to realize that work much better with a nice cup of tea by my side maybe a pastry or two. What i want to know is any nicely isolated cafes or tea shops i can work in peace in. I , however loath chain establishment such as starbucks and others along those lines. thank you for taking the time in reading this.

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  1. My first thought is, it would be hard for "nicely isolated caf├ęs and tea shops" to survive. I have seen people working on laptops etc while wearing ear buds / head phones seemingly oblivious to the bustle around them. Two places I can think of that aren't chains are Temptations Cafe in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, and Bourbon Coffee in Porter Sq in Cambridge. They're both spacious, and have a variety of seating options.

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      burdicks, tealuxe, dadotea are options which emphasize tea but also have coffee.

    2. Tatte on Third Street in Cambridge might work for you. And across the street is Voltage. Both have tea and coffee. The pastries at Tatte are amazing. I can't say they are always quiet though....for a little more peace and quiet, you could try Cafe Kafofo or RJ Gourmet, both on Cambridge Street in East Cambridge. I see several people reading and working in Cafe Kafofo almost every time I stop in or walk by. The space is roomy and welcoming. Their pastries are not made in house, but they are very good.

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        depends on location - Athans in Brighton and Athans in Brookline might work for you. I like their cherry roibos tea and their almond cookies.

      2. Bom Cafe in Cambridge - Good Portuguese and Brazilian pastries, and good tea/coffee. Free wifi, last I checked.

        Ula Cafe in JP - Also free wifi (which they sometimes turn off at lunch), very good homemade baked goods, sandwiches.

        Are there specific neighborhoods you're hoping to find this in?
        Dave MP

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          Yes, Bom Cafe is another great choice. So nice.

        2. I absolutely love Cafe L'Aroma on Newbury. Great coffee/tea selection and some amazing (and unique) pastries and other baked goods. I have done a lot of studying there recently.

          I also like Athan's but it is fairly noisy and tables can be hard to come by depending on time of day.