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Aug 4, 2012 07:46 PM

Tuesday dinner in Plateau ?

I have somewhat unexpected guests coming to visit for one night only on Tuesday -- an older couple who have literally had everything in the world of food -- anywhere important in New York, Paris, London, LA, SF, etc. They would like something relatively low-key, maybe simply a bistro. They'll stay with me near Square Saint-Louis, so somewhere nearby would be ideal.

I thought of L'express of course, but I don't want them to feel rushed, and L'express can at times be a bit brusque with getting multiple seatings into tables, although I admit I've never been on a Tuesday. Perhaps Laloux or somewhere else nearby like La Fabrique? Obviously we want to avoid the Prince-Arthur tourists.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated !

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  1. I'd stick with your original idea of L'Express. If you eat late, or ask for a table in the back it will be calmer - or if you ask for the bar, M. Masson will put everyone at ease.

    Or if you wanted more suggestions, Cinquieme Peche and Le Filet would also fit the bill.

    1. I would go to Laloux. It's very solid at every level and quite relaxed and low-key.

      1. Cocagne might be fine.

        Laloux is nice; a bit further up, you can try Monsieur B (byob) or maybe "3 petits bouchons"