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Aug 4, 2012 06:34 PM

Lunch on the road -- Manchester NH to Portland ME

I'm picking up my wife and kids at the Manchester airport, flight arriving sometime between 11 and noon. We're then driving up towards Portland, via NH 101 and I-95. Any recommendations for places along the way for a good lunch? Some of us are the kinds of vegetarians who eat only fish (no shellfish), the rest of us a re a bit more flexible. I'm looking for something quick, reasonable, local, and with good food. Fish and chips, burgers, sandwiches, etc., (I suspect that by the time they arrive and collect luggage etc, we may be preferring to eat closer to Manchester.)

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  1. No responses to my request, so I thought I'd give a trip report. Through the magic of Google maps I found a couple of places on the way. It turned out the flight was delayed a couple of hours, so we didn't want to drive all the way to the coast. Fortunately my Google maps research revealed a promising candidate in Raymond, NH, a bit off NH 100 (in fact, you had to drive through the center of the town to NH 27). This is a local place called The Pines Seafood House ( We had the fish and chips. I actually got the haddock, the difference between the fish and chips and the haddock is that the haddock is fresh, the fish and chips are made from frozen haddock. The haddock was about $2.50 more than the fish and chips. I also got a fish chowder. It was all great, There is nothing like New England fried food, they do it without making it greasy.

    The place also sells lobsters and steamers and such if you want that, but the fried fish platters are excellent.

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      Thanks. Have never heard of the joint but will be in the area next week so we'll give it a try!

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        The Pines is a really great place in an unexpected spot. Definitely give it a try.

    2. I would have recommended staying in Manchester so you did great finding the Pines Seafood. Thanks for the heads up.