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Aug 4, 2012 03:56 PM

Wine & Dine in Yountville

I have 2 couples on a cruise that will have afternoon and evening in SF. Plan on renting a car and driving to the wine country. (Yes, one of us is not drinking). Would like recommendations on a vineyard and a great place to eat. Thanks

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  1. Yountville's pretty far for a half-day trip, especially if you take the scenic route (101 rather than 80). Sonoma's closer.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Did not realize that. Thanks. I guess we should be looking in Sonoma.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          We live in SF and we have driven to Yountville and beyond for half days and even just dinner on several's not a big deal at all.
          Redd is excellent. Bouchon and Mustards' Grill have really gone downhill in my opinion. I really like Bottega but have only been there for lunch. Reddwood is also very good for casual thin crust pizza/italian.

          1. re: tessari

            Yes, but you live in SF. These people are coming in from a cruise... Big, big difference!

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          Depending on the time of day you are driving, you could still be looking at two hours each way from San Francisco to Sonoma. If you only have an afternoon and evening from the cruise, why not stay in San Francisco?

          I live in Napa and drive the route all the time so I can do it in an hour-and-15-minutes, but I know the roads and the traffic patterns. Consider lunch at one end of town - North Beach or Chinatown - and then work your way east to have dinner in another part of town - maybe Aziza in the avenues... More relaxing than a lot of driving when there isn't a lot of time!

      1. Restaurants - Redd for a little more formal. Redd Wood for casual.

        Wineries - Pine Ridge - Not that far away on the Silverado trail - no appt needed.

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          second the recommendation for will need to reserve in advance.