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Aug 4, 2012 01:25 PM

Okay to use induction skillet on gas stove?

A friend who is moving / unloading stuff offered my his large t-fal skillet. After I got it home, noticed it's an induction model. Any reason not to use it on my gas stove? Or should I pass it on to someone else?

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  1. Yes, induction model cookware can be used on gas stove. All it means is that this pan can be magnetized and can be heated using an induction stovetop. Think of a classic cast iron skillet. It can be used on induction stovetop and it can be used on gas stove (or halogen or resistive heating coil...etc)

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        Would the high heat of the gas stove break the magnatism?

        1. re: tbenson99

          No. The pan is not itself magnetized, meaning alignment of the magnetic poles. It is merely responsive to a magnetic field. Heat can destroy the alignment in a magnet, but this doesn't apply.

      2. The operative word may be 'Okay'. It may or may not be as good on gas as on induction, and vice versa. But it will work. Try it and see--you won't hurt it.

        1. Absolutely.That is a bonus. You can use it on any cooktop.