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Aug 4, 2012 01:12 PM

Side ribs cost

I just had to post this to get some feedback,I recently bought 2 slabs of ST Louis style Side Ribs From the Healthy Butcher in Toronto, and I paid 54 dollars for them.22 dollars a kilo. This is otragious!! And to top it off they were cut right to the bone,for that price I would expect lots of meat on top.
I have no words for this.
Any comments?

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  1. What kind of pork was it - organic, antibiotic-free, Berkshire? If it were "average" Ontario Grade A pork, then yes, it's a bit much, seeing as you can get St. Louis style side ribs for $1.99/lb or $4.39/kg.

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    1. re: dachopstix

      Where do you get them in Toronto? And I did not know they were organic.

    2. It pays to be hip... No no that's not it, the other way around.. You have to pay to be hip.

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      1. re: SocksManly

        If I knew I would not have ordered them.

        1. re: Italo2275

          You buy things without knowing how much it costs!?!

      2. Go to Costco for ribs--side or back.

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          Walmart has vacuum-sealed packages of 2 side ribs for only $9.00

            1. re: Kagemusha

              I use Walmart ribs for BBQ all the time. No issues.
              I prefer Costco though.

              As for the cost of the OP's ribs, all I can say is, "No surprise."


              1. re: Davwud

                So here is something funny, I went to walmart and ended up getting the 9 dollar ribs so In cam compare with my 20 dollar a rack ones.
                So the 20 dollar a rack ribs from Healthy Butcher I smoked them at the same time as the 9 dollar ribs. The results were funny. The 9 dollar ribs came out nice and the other ones the met deteriorated and shrunk like crazy.

                  1. re: Italo2275

                    The $9 ones were probably "seasoned" pork. Which means they were tumbled in phosphate salt and water. Therefore a more tender rib and less shrinkage. Should have been labelled.

                    1. re: tweeze

                      You really can't do a side by side comparison, you also can't smoke ribs 'the same' from different sources. Ribs are done when they are done and it sounds like you overcooked the other ones (not the wal mart ones). The wal mart ones would have been tougher meat to begin with, also why they took longer. Ribs need to be removed from the smoker when the ribs are done. Otherwise what you get are called 'swampy' ribs. Did you foil them? Otherwise known as the texas crutch? if you did then that would be the cause of part of the mess.

                      And Tweeze was probably right, almost all of wal marts meats are 'seasoned' , I don't know if they are legally allowed to use Phosphates without labelling a product as such (well actually I do know and they can't) but they can legally call it seasoned and they do tumble it in a vacuum chamber with brine in it so they can increase the weight artificially on the meat by as much as about 8% with just water. Yes that's right you are paying for 8% of the cost of the sticker for just water. Bet you feel sort of crappy about that, always buy the halal stuff when you can - although that can be reaaally hard with pork.

                      1. re: BusterRhino

                        Buster, good one. I'm saving that one for next April 1st's ISO.

                        1. re: BusterRhino

                          It would be impossible to buy halal pork, since halal does not allow the consumption of pork... please tell me you knew that right...

                          1. re: flying101

                            This line should tell you all you need to know; "although that can be reaaally hard with pork."


                            1. re: Davwud

                              Interesting, perhaps halal-style?....or almost-halal?

                1. Costco side ribs at $4.99/kg or $11/lb in the GTA, bought some today.

                  Pretty sure I saw Back Ribs for $7.49/kg

                  1. I bought a side ribs special, $5.50/kg, or $2.49/lb, at Foodland, part of Sobeys, yesterday, and boy, were they tough, even after 4 hours of slow grilling!
                    I never have good luck with side ribs, although I can't justify buying the huge tray at Costco.
                    But Costco's back ribs have always been first rate and easy to grill or smoke.

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                    1. re: jayt90

                      Holy crap...I cannot believe the prices I am seeing posted here...I always wait for either SuperStore or No Frills to put the meaty baby back ribs on sale for either $2.88 - $2.98 per pound. Then fill the freezer with them. Get the ones where you cannot see the bones on top, almost looks like a pork loin from top view. You will forget side ribs or anything else after you tried these puppies, before and after shots attached. Anyone I have made these for on my backyard smoker tell me they are the best they have ever had, like they freak out over them. Two rack for ~20 bucks and can easily feed 4.

                      1. re: ebay3392

                        Well these ribs are from sows, old pigs with no use left in them. Usually from breading stock, culling the heard meat. They are also specially cut to include part of the side ribs... not as good of a deal as you might think

                        1. re: BusterRhino

                          This man knows his meat.. and also happens to have the best wings in the GTA, says me.

                        2. re: ebay3392

                          WOW, where did you get those Ribs? I have gone to Nofrils and Superstore with no lick. Honestly I have not found a place where they keep that nice cap on top of the ribs. They all trim this very close to the bone.

                          1. re: Italo2275

                            Hi Italo, I can only find these type of ribs once every few years, in fact the last sale I got them in July I went a second time to get more and the shipment they got in were the 'shiners' like everyone else has...I will make sure I will post on here if I see them again on sale. Last year I bought some on sale and they were not so good, shiners and tough. My wife and friends like baby backs so that is what I have standardized on for now as I used to make side ribs for they are cheaper, but observed that people were eating more 'sides' than 'ribs' and was not getting the WOW Factor that I was hoping. When on sale for $2.88/pp for more meat than bones, to me it is a no brainer.

                            1. re: ebay3392

                              I actually cooked these at 275 average temperature for about 3.5 hours wrapped in foil at same temperature for 1.5hours then sauced them at the end with the dampers closed and fire petering out for another half hour. I made these for a work lunch meeting and started them at 6am and was done by 12. I figured the thickness I could bump the temperature up from typical 225-250 and get away with it plus outside conditions were ideal warm and sunny with a breeze...and seriously I would do it that way standard as people flipped out over them.

                              1. re: ebay3392

                                Just was at a Loblaws and same cut available in Mississauga area for $3.50/pp if anyone interested. Definitely the same cut as I have used from my other posts.

                          2. re: jayt90

                            Most of the people on the competition BBQ side of things swear by side ribs (cut "St. Louis style") as being the way to go.

                            Cutting Side Ribs St Louis Style:

                            1. re: SocksManly

                              For Q yes, side is the way to go. Although those ones ebay showed seem to have plenty of fat.

                              For any other standard prep, I use baby back.


                              1. re: Davwud

                                Disagree with the statement for Q side is the way to go, sides are tougher, take longer to cook (way longer) and generally don't have as much meat (more bone), yes I actually do know this as we have done tests, cut the meat off the bones, weight it out etc. Lb for Lb backs give you more meat, less bone, it's more tender and has a cooking time considerable less than sides, think 3.5 - 4 hours @225 compared to 5-7 hours @225 for sides.

                                In the end it's all personal opinion, just like everything else - if you like it, then it is the right thing for your backyard.

                                1. re: BusterRhino

                                  Ya. It's a bit of a tough call I guess. AFAIK the general rule is the tougher the meat, the better the taste. Lots of connective tissue to break down but once it has, that collagen nicely bastes and makes for lip smackin' goodness.
                                  In your case, at the restaurant, the quicker the turnover in the smoker, the better I would imagine. For me, the longer smoke time is more or less irrelevant.

                                  I've had plenty of ribs all over the North Alabama and Tennessee regions and 9 times out of 10 side ribs are better.

                                  One thing that bothers me is the perception (around here) that back ribs are "Better," Like offering side ribs is offering an inferior cut. They're just different is all. Both have a place in my heart.