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Aug 4, 2012 12:14 PM

Best way to butcher and cook a full leg of wild boar?

Went to my butcher's yesterday and decided to buy half a carcass of deer and a full hind leg of wild boar. I have just finished butchering and bagging the deer (23 kilos of ribs, diced, mince for making sausages and burgers, rump steak, silverside joints for roasting) and I have plenty of experience with cooking with it.

However the wild boar is currently an unknown since I have never used it before so I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to butcher it and what to use the various parts for?

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  1. Assuming the "full hind leg" consists of a piece of meat severed at the joint between the femor and the pelvic bone on down, you're left with the ham and the foreleg. Fresh ham can be cooked as-is or it can be preserved in several ways, e. g. smoking. If you knew a world-class smoker, it would be wonderful, so long as it was larded to avoid dryness .I would chop up the foreleg and make soup of it, though boar shanks would be interesting in a number of ways - French, Indian, etc.

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      Oh sorry, I meant a whole back leg (which should have rump, silverside, etc). It weighs more than 8kg.

    2. You have a butt and a shank. I'd smoke the whole thing, the use the butt for ham and cut the shank up to use is Osso Bucco, beans, etc. We eat a lot of wild boar here and prefer it to domestic pig meat.