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Aug 4, 2012 09:52 AM

Best Eggs Benedict in S Jersey burbs?

An old friend is in town and we both love eggs benedict. The home made kind, not the kind with the jarred sauce! Looking for suggestions for restaurants or diners that serve this rare treat not only on the weeends but during the week. We've had so many failures between cold poached eggs to hollandaise sauce made with beef broth and don't want to chance it. I have to say that Ponzios diner makes them well. Not looking for a all you can eat lunch/brunch type place, just craving the EB.

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  1. My favorite eggs benedict are at the Pop Shop in Collingswood. They have a variety of them, but I usually stick with the traditional eggs benedict.

    The Westmont Diner also has great eggs benedict.

    Be aware that both of these places get pretty crowded, especially during the breakfast rush, however they are both worth it.

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      I'll second the Westmont Diner for eggs benedict.

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        I second the Westmont Diner for eggs benedict.

      2. How about Paula's in Cinnaminson, or Andreotti's in Cherry Hill (Andreotti's may be weekend only)?