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Aug 4, 2012 09:02 AM

Family friendly in Belleville

Meeting family in Belleville tomorrow, the only places I know are right off the highway at the Quite mall. Looking for somewhere for lunch that will appeal to a fussy 6 year old, not so fussy 9 year old and 4 adults. Definitely not looking for fancy, just good solid food.

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  1. i like the BOATHOUSE
    32 front st south...south of dundas
    lovely deck right on the water...excellent fish and chips
    i figure about 25.00 per adult...15.00 for kids

    1. The Greek Oasis (290 North Front) is a suggestion. This is a new place--they closed their old takeout spot and opened up here. The food was very good with the typical Greek standards as well as burgers, sandwiches and other stuff that might appeal to the kids.

      1. Try Northway on North Front. Lots of food , Children friendly and basic,Kids eat free on some days

        1. If you can make it to Picton, I took my two and four year old to Williams Family Diner which had really good food and a small play area for kids and a kids' menu. It's a great looking space that looks as if it's been reno-ed recently and all the food is made from scratch. They were very friendly and very nice to kids (even my two year old who spilled rice all over the floor). It's right across from the Giant Tiger. It was hands down the best resto experience I have had with my brood. I had the fish tacos, my friend had the poutine, we all had salads -- everything fresh and flavorful.