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Aug 4, 2012 08:58 AM

Brooklyn meatball emergency broadcast - help us

my g just woke up with a strong desire for fluffy meatballs. it's our 4th anniversary -- where in Brooklyn should I take her?

- we live in central brooklyn
- but we have a car
- the meatballs are all the romance we need -- the vibe of the place is not important
- she also loves clams

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  1. The Meatball Shop in Williamsburg. It gets mixed reviews, but I really liked the meatballs the one time I went.

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      1. re: ramonasaur

        Yes they do. I've only had meatballs and risotto there. Here's the menu:

      2. re: donovt

        The one time I went I found the meatballs to be lackluster as well as the sides and the overall atmosphere.

        1. You can count on some excellent specimens at Barboncino (Franklin Avenue, a couple blocks south of Chavela's).

          Don't stop there...get a pizza or two...wood-fired oven (made by a Paulie Gee's refugee!).

          1. DiFara, believe it or not. They make excellent (and very underrated) meatballs. The best in Brooklyn, IMO. But, that is if they're open, and if they're making them. I forget if they make pasta. I usually had mine on a hero with melted muzz.

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            1. re: David11238

              I don't think DiFara does anything except Pizza these days. I did not see the listing for heros on the wall. But I did not ask about it wither.

            2. Barry, mike, david, thank you! I'm excited to try all three of those spots!